What is Baby Loser Coin?

A poor young man in a fourth-tier city in China invited another poor programmer to jointly launch the Baby Loser Coin project, the token BabyLowb.

The two came into contact with BTC in 2017, entered the currency circle, and successively lost a lot of money in speculation. This time, with the mentality of returning to zero, they established this project and used all their savings to add liquidity pools on the day the project went live.

This project promises not to protect the market (mainly lack of strength), not to run away (no private equity public offering), and not to issue additional shares (it is not allowed in mining pools).

Project details

project name:

  • Baby Loser Coin

Belonging to the blockchain:

  • The BSC ( credits an intelligent chain " B inance S Mart C Hain" acronym)

Main network:

  • BEP20 (the standard of Token protocol on BSC)

Contract address/Token address:

  • 0xa9ecf878d73265b9773cd298ec3afe40c9d13fe8 (You can find it on the blockchain browser of Binance Smartchain BSC https://bscscan.com/ )

Token name:

  • BabyLowb (the homonym of "baby Low" in Chinese)

Total number of tokens:

  • 1,000,0000,0000000 (1 trillion)

Token distribution ratio (total 100 trillion):

  • 30% : liquidity
  • 20% : mining pool
  • 5% : Airdrop
  • 5% : community activities
  • 5% : Marketing wallet
  • 2% : Volunteer incentives
  • Other : Into the black hole

Official community

Official website:

Official mining:

Official Chinese Telegram Group:

Official English Telegram Group:

Official Twitter number:

How to trade on the exchange?

The exchange is submitting for negotiation...

How to trade on BabySwap?

On BabySwap, use USDT (BSC) and replace with BabyLowb (BSC):

There are 2 contract addresses in the above url:

  • 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955 is the USDT contract address on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) .
  • 0xa9ecf878d73265b9773cd298ec3afe40c9d13fe8 is the BabyLowb contract address on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) .

BabySwap is the earliest trading channel of $BabyLowb:

  • BabySwap is a well-known DeFi platform ( Decentralized Finance , decentralized finance);
  • BabySwap is committed to becoming the No. 1 market in AMM ( Automated Market Making ) ;
  • On the BabySwap platform, users can exchange BEP-20 tokens .

If you don’t understand the above, that’s right, because:

  • We are all losers...

In short, you only need to know a little:

  • You can use other tokens (such as BNB, USDT) on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain) to exchange for BabyLowb coins.
  • Decentralized exchanges such as BabySwap and UniSwap are the first trading channels opened for most tokens.

You can also follow the steps below to trade BabyLowb coins:

  • Open the gateway https://babyswap.finance/
  • Connect to a BSC wallet (how to connect to the wallet will be discussed later)
  • Click " Trade "–>" Exchange " in the menu
  • Enter the contract address on the BSC chain
  • Confirm transaction

If you want to connect a wallet to BabySwap:

  • On mobile phone : Open https://babyswap.finance/ in the wallet app (such as Bitpie Wallet , Metamask , TrustWallet , TokenPocket ) to connect to the wallet directly.
  • Computer : Install one of the browser extensions in the picture below (for example, install Metamask extensions on Google Chrome), and connect the wallet to BabySwap through the browser extensions.

We recommend the “ open BabySwap in the mobile wallet app and connect to the wallet ” (we recommend these 3 wallet apps: Metamask , TrustWallet , TokenPocket :

  • The most important point is to remember to replace the default ETH (ERP-20) wallet with a BSC (BEP-20) wallet .

Project status

The project team is working hard to make money by moving bricks and launch the following functions as soon as possible:

  • BabyLowb mining (single coin mining pool has been launched, LP mining pool will be launched soon)
  • BabyLowb NFT game
  • Cross-chain bridge
  • Don’t know yet, wait for the community to decide

You can get more information about the project in time by following the official telegram channel of the BabyLoserCoin project:

Finally, please remember the original intention of this project:

"Let loser be great gain again!"

"Make loser great again!"-some loser